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  1. It is a bit of a mystery, it seems that it is not because of the separation as the current quote I have is based on me being single and all I have been doing is changing the postcode. I have tried different locations, the comparison websites all seem to like SE London postcodes better than outside London for good rates on 911s One company that did come in reasonably good outside London was LV, so there is a little light at the end of the tunnel. In all likelihood, I will need a second car if I do move out so perhaps that plus a good multi car policy / broker will get me a good deal. Thanks for all the advice folks.
  2. Yes, you read it correctly. Currently in zone 3 in SE London but thinking of moving to Beds / Bucks area as a result of marriage breakdown. Decided to do a few quotes and was bogsmacked to see that they are 50% more than I am currently paying. What is the world coming to ..........
  3. My bolding. I saw lots and lots of people get made redundant during the period 2007 onwards - I always thought that I was so lucky to have avoided the axe falling on me, however it did fall a few years ago. Very, very fortunately my experience was similar to @Scubaregs -- I enjoy what I do now a lot more; I have a better work life balance; and am much happier person overall. Wishing you every success in the world @Patt .
  4. I am always amazed at how you guys are all happy to try such stuff. I confess that I am scared sh*tless at the thought of evening giving this a go ....... Maybe one day
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