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  1. Yes, looked under mine today, through the slots, and all I see are two exhaust boxes and no suspension. It's a Cayman, but I'd guess it's the same? Also looked at Ringer250's car today to compare.
  2. Is this the standard S rear? If so, is what I see through the gaps exhaust or suspension? Or a bit of both?... topradio's under...
  3. Did you do a "before" photo? If so, could you please post Before and the After, so we can see the difference?
  4. Did you keep your old one? You could re-form it now you know how, and sell the 987 on!
  5. ...you just try pulling any Porsche driver out of their car... smash yer face in!
  6. Great Job. Love it when folks get stuck in rather than paying through the nose for a dealer to do it. Well done! What next?
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