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  1. I think you are right Richard, after all, that is probably how Porsche would do it if the original unit had failed like mine and they had to set-up a brand new unit. But you know me, (I used to be a project manager), I will always opt for the plan that has a greater certainty of success ...... I can't help myself, it's how I was trained 🙂 Thanks again for all your support cheers Tony
  2. As I cannot insert tags in text I will put those mentioned in this thread up top. Ian =@T24RES Richard = @Richard Hamilton Sam = @fat haggis April / May 2019 update: I post this mainly because I have had a very stressful month worrying about my pride & joy but if this can help someone else who is unlucky enough to have the same issue, then great. In early April, I attended the Scottish Scramble and had a fantastic long weekend in the highlands with many of you guys from BoXa.net. I covered 1682 miles over 6 days and the car behaved impeccably except for the
  3. @Menoporsche suggested I should copy this here - hope it's useful to someone
  4. Hi Tony, 

    plesae could you send me the notes etc,


    many thanks,


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