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  1. Same thing just happened to a friend of mine with adrian flux. He was very annoyed. Similar cancellation after a month or 2 and they kept over 3/4 of the annual premium. Con!
  2. @jimmy p sounds like your end result of %of total annual premium for little over a months cover was fairly similar (and slightly worse) than mine with AIB. An absolute joke. I appreciate this thread as I will also not consider Lancaster like I wont AIB for similar reasoning
  3. AIB also rinsed me when I tried to change/cancel my policy after 5 weeks. Wont be using them again either, forum sponsor or not. They were brilliant likewise when I took out the policy, but when it came to dealing with a change, they were money grabbing swines.
  4. That is ridiculous. AIB were good to deal with and well priced, until you want to cancel a policy. How does 3/4 of the annual premium for 5 weeks insurance smell?
  5. Such a cheap and worth while modification. It really is a simple 5 minute job too. Literally.
  6. I just use the RAC. Through my insurance it covers me and the wife in any car. £11 pcm.
  7. Does she need to be insured on it when she has a Macan? Wife isn’t on mine 😆
  8. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F301773374367 probably easier to order a pack. I promised @Dubdubz a couple 2 weeks ago and it completely slipped my mind (embarrassingly)
  9. I managed to sort mine through eSure on a renewal. It went up £30 but still cheaper than everyone else. I pay £60 more for my 1994 Honda Civic (which is annoying as worth 10% of the Porsche). I can stomach the £30 increase as I moved house twice mid policy, and my new property has no history as the postcode has only existed since September. Interestingly, I got RAC breakdown cover through my insurer for nearly £90 cheaper too. (full bells and whistles cover for me and the wife in any car etc). At just £120 through eSure, when RAC directly as a renewing customer (for 3+ years) wanted over £200! Madness. Even they didn’t understand it.
  10. Just PM me your address and i’ll pop a couple in an envelope for you tomorrow. Don’t worry about paying, they cost me about 15p each and I’m happy to help.
  11. I cut mine spot on first try (guess) haha
  12. Just done this mod. Very easy. Worked first time. Took 5 mins. I have 9 diodes left over if anybody wants a few?
  13. I also took a perosnal loan option, half the rate of the best finance deals. But there are upper limits. Tim Marlow at Magnitude finance comes well regarded.
  14. I would always primer first myself
  15. Still need to do the hack. Got the pack of diodes in the garage waiting still
  16. Mine only come on in low light or the dark when left in “home” mode.
  17. They come out 10% cheaper than most for me, but their admin charges are extortionate should you wish to make any changes or cancellation mid policy. I wont be using them.
  18. I spoke to one of your staff just yesterday and not only undercut my best price by over 10%, the personal service and cover offered was great. I think it was Megan I spoke to. I need to ring back and take you up on the cover today/tomorrow. Glad I thought to check this BoXa forum for an insurance sponsor for my Alfa.
  19. Your inbox is full i think, tried to drop you a PM.

  20. An 18x7 986 wheel will fit in the rear trunk of a 986 with no tyre on it. Anything bigger will have to stand in the front trunk or go on the passenger seat/outside.
  21. Excellent post and valuable contribution to the forum!
  22. What it is to be slightly older than myself! My boomin' insurance quote for the upcoming year was circa £700, with 4,000 limited miles, locked home garage parking and a clean licence and no accident/claim history. Based in a small countryside village in Somerset (between the m5 and Glastonbury) I may be referred to as a youth or whipper-snapper at the grand age of 27.
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