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  1. Looking at the roads around here there are a hell of a lot of essential trips happening. Almost like there is no lockdown..... A mate had an accident last week, no mention of if it was an essential trip when he dealt with his insurance.
  2. Nice write up. Glad to see it's sorted without Porsche Tax
  3. As above, try A-Plan (Thatcham branch) and Adrian Flux
  4. Oh yeah....oops, thought this was a new thread, didn't see page 1... note to self "Read the page properly before replying" 🤣🤣🤣
  5. Used them a fair bit with the kit cars I had. Never had an issue. Also used them for my Audi, very competitive quote and then I had to claim a non fault accident 3 years ago (my car was parked when hit) put into their claim process and passed to a claims handling company, not sure if part of APlan or not. Very efficient and smooth process to resolve for me.
  6. From my experience Admirial is the only one I've come across that asks this, on the online quote system anyway.
  7. A simple indicator to find out would be to put info into one of the online car insurance quote systems, like direct line. I normally use an address close to me and random letters for the name and a different reg for a similar car. Do 2 quotes with the same info, one without a fault claim and one with would give an indicator to possible increase
  8. yes they do. Got my daily driver through them
  9. Can't help with your locktons details but I had to use Autowindscreens last week to replace mine as stipulated in my policy with Markerstudy. They replaced the Saint Gobain one with a pilkington one. Bloke did a good job, took him 2 and a half hours, he was happy that I sat and watched him like a hawk, and offered help every now and again. all done in my garage. Mine cracked at the bottom edge too, he reckoned it was a stress crack due to the pot holes been hit over the years.
  10. The many joys of Flux....that's why I no longer use them. Most policies you can add extra miles no problem for a fee. Did you mention when you signed up you may want to increase them? if so they will have that call recoded and you can instigate a formal complaint with them. Always found A-Plan a pleasure to deal with. Even when I had a no fault claim it all went smoothly.
  11. Sounds great, if we could find someone to create the file needed. Ideal for a Porsche Crest or model number for engraving. I'd be in for one.
  12. Do you do a line in licences for the templates I could be interested
  13. Oooo very nice. Something I need to do too, got the perspex. Guess I could use the existing mesh frame as a template?
  14. Had A-Plan when I had my kit cars, stayed with them when I got the 981, got my Audi with them too. Prices have always been around the best for me. Having had a no fault claim with them on the Audi earlier in the year I can say the claims process went smoothly too. It's not just the bottom line price that's important if you have a nightmare claiming for anything. But claiming through them was pain free (although that pain may come on renewal, we shall see....)
  15. Got bitten by the FLux cancellation fees and transfer fees before. Not a pleasurable experience. I had A-Plan insurance on my old kit car. Sold the car 6 months into the policy, fully expecting to be told it's £xxxx to cancel it and I'd just leave it to run until the end as a cheaper option. But turns out very different and they refunded a good portion of unused policy. Well impressed.
  16. I found the opposite, even for my daily driver, Audi A4 V6 TDi was much cheaper with A-Plan than anywhere else by quite a margin, Box was cheaper with them too. but the Mrs old 1.3 yaris was far more expensive. I guess all places have their own desired risk levels set so one place might be good for one person but unsuitable for another. Just done a quick quote for mine on Aviva and the want almost double what A-Plan wanted. Ouch....
  17. Try people like A-Plan and Adrian Flux. More specialist insurers who handle the edge cases better than the mainstream companies who really don't want the business.
  18. Can recommend A-Plan above, used them when I had kit cars and gave a great price when I got the boxster (not associated with them in anyway)
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