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  1. I always just did mine FT. Just noticed some dead images - refer to here for filling in the blanks http://www.pelicanparts.com/techarticles/Porsche-996-997-Carrera/102-BODY-Replacing_Your_Carpet/102-BODY-Replacing_Your_Carpet_stTest.htm
  2. +1 had this before with Flux - I was younger so the cancellation was several hundred. Didn't pay though - advised the rude and unpleasant gent on the phone to go somewhere else. They're probably still looking for it some 10 years later
  3. Mine were a good 17 years old and came out ok. Always worth spraying the screws with PlusGas (or similar release compound) a few days prior to the attempt, though.
  4. Beauty is only skin deepIdentifying cover ups and fresh paint It's quite common to be 'blinded' when you view a car - it's a common thing (or so I've read) in Psychology to be overwhelmed by all the visual stimulae of something new - your brain is so busy taking in this unfamiliar thing you're looking at, that you won't spot the detail.... unless you know what to look for. Some repairs are normal Don't necessarily be put off by the signs of some repairs - but be wear of the quality. It's absolutely normal to expect that a Boxster has had some paint repair in it's life -
  5. No One Likes a Roofless Buyer (see what I did there?) When buying, or planning to buy, any sort of cabrio/convertible, the immediate issue becomes the roof. Everyone will lose their minds worrying about it. It's not really a problem area on the Boxster, but it doesn't mean you shouldn't be vigilant. Always check the roof operates normally and fully. What should happen You should check the roof operation without the engine on when viewing. Why? Because it will help rule out a few things, and also allow you to listen for any noises. With the ignition on,
  6. Ok, so I have a bit of time to cover the next section: Separating Fiction from Reality: Common issues and costs So the most common thing I've seen on adverts, not just Boxsters, is the "there's a problem, but don't worry - it's a cheap fix". If it was a cheap fix, it would be fixed, surely? Would you want to buy a Porsche if the owner won't even fix the cheap stuff? If you're not mechanically minded, and don't know your dipstick from your oil cap, then you might be swayed by this - keep your eyes open, though. If you're mechanically minded, and thin
  7. Indeed. Save yourself £105 and DIY, if you're capable It's not difficult, I promise
  8. http://www.jmgshop.com/9xx---porsche-boxster--996-dashboard-speaker-upgrade-kit-with-alpine-speakers-62-p.asp
  9. That's kinda what i meant by "they were originally suggested/used, and the flock followed". When someone releases a 'kit', you tend to see lots of people sticking to the same thing. It's easy to believe that they were used for a specific reason, and thus are the only ones you should use. I reckon that the standard ones are so bad that even cheap market tat would sound excellent
  10. Thanks - still plenty to go. Worth also adding that "UKVehicle" (as mentioned in the first post) has now become "Carzana" as of today https://cazana.com/uk
  11. What were the differences? The 986 went through a multitude of changes in its 8 to 9 year production cycle, including an MCA around 2002 (Industry term for 'Mid-Cycle Action', which essentially tries to rejuvenate a model that has been on sale for a while). Engines came, and went, spec too. Here's the jist: Engines The Boxster came with M96 VarioCam engines, which are arranged in a flat-6 design. The Boxster apparently was named as an amalgamation of 'Roadster' and 'Boxer' (the engine configuration). The Flat-6 is part of the character of the 986, and also
  12. @Araf, can you shoehorn this one into the colours post (it's alphabetical) - my source info was missing the 550 GT Silver GT Silver Metallic (550 Anniversary Only)
  13. Additional Value Sometimes you can get a car that's out of budget, back into budget by proxy. What do I mean by this? Well, essentially offsetting the purchase cost against planned costs, or recoverable costs. I'll give some specifics... Hardtop You may want one, or plan to buy one. You could decide that it's not something you'll ever need, as you plan to garage the car and only use it on summer weekends. All fair game. Will it add any rigidity or performance benefit? No. Is the standard roof good enough to negate the need? Yes. If yo
  14. What to look out for before viewing (continued) Modifications Some are good, some are bad....maybe all are good - it depends what camp you are in. If you're after some originality, though, you may want to think carefully about how fettled the potential new chariot will be. First and foremost, you might want to check insurance - the last thing you want is for your insurer to make things harder for you, should the worst happen. Don't necessarily be put off a modified Boxster if it fits right in all other areas, just judge how much it may cost to 'undo' some of the work.
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