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  1. Companies rarely change things to benefit employees, it's usually to save them money! However depending on your circumstances you may also benefit. Not an easy question to answer without knowing your personal circumstances, the amount of allowance, rules around choice of car, age of car, etc. What taking the allowance will usually give you is more choice - however some firms will still set rules as to the type of car you can use for work, eg. no 2 seaters open topped sports cars, nothing smaller than a Mini, etc, etc. Get a sheet of paper, do the maths, list the pros and co
  2. Strange, in my experience adding a spouse or partner to a policy usually decreases the premium. Might be worth checking that you have entered all her details correctly?
  3. That's a new one on me too, never heard of this before.
  4. Get a big dog maybe just in case they call round the house? Seriously though, them knowing your address does change things which is why I asked. Given that, I recommend you report everything so far to the police, and get an incident number. Then don't pay anything until you have his full name and proof of address. You can then consider paying him - once you have all those ducks in a neat row, but not before!
  5. 50/50, just change her mobile number and move on, or answer it yourself and tell them to sod off, if not then advise them that you will be reporting their behaviour to the police. I take it no address was given? No excuse for their threatening behaviour. Leave the insurance company out of it.
  6. The Porsche dealer did allude to the fact that if a 987 has a bump on the rear wings, it is very expensive to repair because the wing is one complete panel which includes the side sills going the full length of the car! The 981 has a smaller rear wing panel as it is seperate from the side sills. Maybe this has something to do with the premium hike?
  7. My insurer wanted an extra £100 to insure my 987.2 Black Edition for the remaining 5 months compared to my former 981 GTS - go figure!?
  8. Researching insurance at the moment and Saga are coming out as the cheapest for decent cover! Got to be some advantages of getting older!
  9. Ta, I will give them a try as a fellow old boy!
  10. Thanks for the pm, my insurance is due in November so will be shopping around next month!
  11. Here's a link Angus.... http://www.whatsonlanarkshire.co.uk/event/004355-porsche-in-the-glen/
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