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  1. Wondering if I might reduce my tax liability...🤔
  2. Thanks, that’s really interesting. I specifically saught out a home with a garage knowing that Boxsters would be living there. Guess next time around I’ll do a bit more research. I also enjoy the practically of a garage. I have way to much junk in mine though.
  3. It’s cheaper to insure my 911 on the drive than my Boxster in the garage! How does that even work?
  4. sorry for your troubles. Hope you get what you need out of the negotiations. Remember, Its just business to them.
  5. I was paying for two policies until I changed provider on my daily and they agreed to cover my weekender on a multi car policy. My new multi car costs less than either of my previous single car policies. I really hope I don't have to shop around next year at renewal time.
  6. What I love about these super rates are that they are only available when you don't need to save money. Anyone who qualifies could buy the car with the loose change in the ashtray at the time anyway. That's the funny world of Credit. Bit like Apple's upgrade program. If you are already buying an apple phone, you aren't put off by price. So what do Apple do? Offer you an interest free 20 month loan that they will revisit after 11 months in order to give you the latest new phone! Brilliant. Meanwhile if you go to Brightworld or whatever they are called, you can get a cheap shayte washing machine and pay 599% apr forever! You have to laugh. Correction: Bright House.
  7. Have you seen the Yorkshire mini meet thread in the lounge? You'd be most welcome to join the next one. Probably Saturday 3rd.


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