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  1. I had this on the insurance for my BMW . Starter motor failed when in Scotland last year so called them "Yes sir we can help by recovering the vehicle anywhere within 30 miles." I was surprised as I thought I had full recovery so worth checking exactly what your policy covers. Luckily I remembered that I also had cover with my bank account and they recovered all the way to my local indie very smoothly and at no cost. Dave
  2. When I did mine I didn't even bother with step 3 just pushed the diode in alongside the wires and it works fine. I did require step 5 though 😁 Dave
  3. Great guide Note : 5/32" Allen key is really 4mm Dave
  4. Got mine from Maplins but of course they shut up shop - shame. At work they got all electronic stuff from RS Components https://uk.rs-online.com/web/. If I hadn't just retired I could have borrowed one for you! Dave
  5. So which bulbs did you go for? Are they proper white or a blue hue? Thanks Dave
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