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  1. On 3/8/2021 at 7:40 PM, Simon. said:

    I hope they do, mines in to the garage next week to investigate a slight leak from the offside front pipe work. 
    Only had the antifreeze changed before I SORN’d it too, so that’ll need a top up 

    Sometimes these leaks occur because the car has been standing unused and everything contracts.

    Try using it for a bit, it might stop leaking.

    These coolant pipes are a bad bit of design, an unnecessary cost when these cars get older.

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  2. Well done Jim, long may it continue.

    Sometimes PPI need to be taken with a pinch of salt as the garage might be looking for work.

    For example, my first service highlighted rusty exhaust clamps, as they all are.

    A few months after the service I had the top mounts changed and said they could do the exhaust clamps also at the same time. On the day they ran out of time, and said there was nothing wrong with the exhaust clamps, so they changed their mind....

  3. Are you sure it's not just steam as it's so cold ATM.

    Short supermarket drives aren't great for these engines tbh.

    Just have it connected to a battery charger like a CTEK to keep the battery charged, a short journey won't charge it much with heater on etc.

  4. The tailpipe prices are a prime example of 'Porsche tax', I can't believe the price of some of them.

    £500 for a set of tailpipes😯

    A lot of cars you can get a whole cat back rear silencer for that.

  5. 1 hour ago, andygo said:

    I wonder if the Porsches he was selling actually had N rated tyres fitted?


    I can't imagine them selling the car £500 cheaper if not.

    Yep all his stock has N rated tyres.

    Something he likes to do, along with warranty etc, he obviously feels it's important.

    I wonder if it's mandatory in Germany, as they have a lot stricter rules about tyres allowed on a car, only what it was homologated for etc.

  6. I know a lot of you think N rated is twaddle, but a lot of dealers expect it on a Porsche.

    When I was selling a Porsche the specialist knocked £500 off, saying they would have to replace all the tyres with N rated, so I paid for my penny pinching in the end, and they were still the best offer I had.

  7. Skoda Octavia hatch suffers with this also, basically the hatch door rattles acting like a speaker causing air pulsation, which people with sensitive hearing pick up on.

    You can try winding the hatch rubbers out more so they stop the hatch moving about at all.

    You'll never completely eliminate it, any car with a big hatchback and glass area suffers with this to some degree.

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  8. Yep N rated tyres if you can afford it, better also for resale as buyers will see you have cared for the car.

    Bridgestone, Pirelli and Michelin are N rated and increase in price in that order.

    Sites like black circles and my tyres have N rated search selectors.


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  9. The clear lens comes away from the body, letting in water. Probably sun damage melts the glue.

    Just remove them, 2 bolts and have a look. Could be glued together, or hot glue gun.

    The LED Gen2 lights are well over £300 each which is crazy.

  10. Make sure he gets a long test drive, as he'll find it slow, noisy and bumpy after his Jag.

    They are great cars, but not as refined as that XK.

    Also is his mobility good, will he be able to get in and out ok?

    The resale on the Jag wont be great, 5.0 petrol in these times, isnt that popular, but  hopefully you can find an enthusiast who wants one.

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