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  1. Yep, and you're right: it doesn't bother me.
  2. Just one minor issue I should have mentioned: in strong sunlight with the roof down, I can now see a perfect reflection of my gear selector in my rear view mirror via the glass wind deflector!
  3. Aah...fair enough, not just me being thick then!
  4. Eh? No idea what you mean... Taxi to the home for the hard of thinking for Daniel...?
  5. I recently installed a glass wind deflector in place of the mesh item. There might be a slight increase in wind noise, but nothing troublesome and no noticable buffeting. No rattles either. There is a small cutout at the base of the glass, as you can see in the photo below. I wonder if this is designed to allow some air through, to prevent, or at least minimise, the effects described by @Greenman above?
  6. Thanks, Eddie, I'm looking forward to getting it tomorrow. We can compare on the 30th. ☺ I'd really like to find a small "P O R S C H E" logo for it, similar to the one on base of the rear window of my 987, either black or translucent grey. Took a look on fleabay, but no joy. Any ideas?
  7. Very nice job, Eddie. You could go into business offering to convert mesh wind deflectors to perspex. ? I solved the same problem for myself yesterday by expertly prising apart my PayPal account and carefully extracting a sum of money for @JohnSyn. ?
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