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  1. So I assume this means you have now got legal protection for the year, and hence could use this on your new policy?
  2. 1. Who in their right mind is going to nick a 996.😗 2. Typically driven by older sensible types.
  3. Yeh I had just washed the car then just wiped them over with a dab on a cloth around the areas I was going to address to ensure no grease or wax in the chip holes, the paint seemed to stick pretty well. In a couple of days I’ll go over the areas with wax to reapply the protection (not planning on driving the car the next couple of days)
  4. Today I tried the Lowe Cornell Fine line painting pen on some stone chips for the first time. In a word -brilliant, it has the combination of very fine dots of paint and actual paint flow which means you can get as fine as you like (or really how steady your hand is and how good your eyesight), but also have the flow to allow you to fill larger chips. Ive tried cocktail sticks - ok for small chips but getting the correct amount of paint on the stick is a time consuming challenge, various brushes- again getting the right amount of paint on is difficult, plus both of these require constant reloading of the tool. Pros of Lowe Cornell Pen: - can use for very fine chips - good paint flow means you can fill bigger chips easily - no continual reloading (I addressed about 30-40 small blemishes and didn’t need to reload at all) - no problem with getting the correct amount of paint loaded Cons - its gravity fed so you can’t really do underside of bumper or similar. - bit of a pain to clean up All in all I recommend
  5. Just seen this thread and by total coincidence I bought one of these tools a month or so ago, I’ve not used yet so can’t comment on how successful it will be. I’ve used toothpicks in the past but the issue (for me) is getting the right amount of paint on it, it’s usually too much or too little for the chip at hand, and a pain keeping going to the pot for a reload. I think if you are just doing one or two chips then a toothpick may still be the way to go. This tool looks great for an attack on multiple chips. One thing I worry about with this tool is whether it will work on vertical surfaces or whether the paint will just run out of the reservoir, but it does look to produce very small blobs that should be great for small chips or can build up multiple blobs for bigger chips. As said trying to go with base then lacquer isn’t going to be easy IMO, either just use base or mix a bit of base and lacquer first.
  6. Yeh, a mesh guard should produce less turbulence in the cabin as it doesn't just deflect the backdraft over the top it also allows some through the mesh at a low speed and prevents the deflected flow curling back into the cabin. (In theory). If you do get this problem you may be able to mitigate by drilling small holes in the Perspex, would be a bit hit and miss though. Have you had any issues with rattling ? You may need to put som tape or similar in the frame to prevent rattling I would have though.
  7. Hi I would like mushroom men and banana skins if possible.

    Wayne Green

    Autumn Cottage

    Buxton Rd


    High Peak

    SK23 6DT

    Many thx.



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