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  1. Hiya, I got mine from eBay, the seller 9 apart have the OEM cable and eye for about £20.
  2. Oh fantastic, I'm so pleased this is still out there being useful to people
  3. Well at the other end of the scale, mine refused to cover me at all this year!!! 'Due to their underwriting criteria'. I've put a private plate on, nothing else has changed, and they've run a mile
  4. Ah thank you, glad the tribulations with my roof can help others 🙂
  5. Will always be cheaper for new customers. You get nothing for loyalty.
  6. Their number is 0808 302 2849
  7. Hiya I didn't need to use anything, there is a lot of adhesive and it's very sticky. It all just went back together fine and has been ok ever since.
  8. Yes there's no zunsports for the facelift 986 I'm afraid. I made my own, and to be honest I think they look better behind the fins than in front anyway.
  9. Thanks, I've been meaning to do it for ages.
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