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  1. I've noticed that. My one bit of daily exercise is walking my dog. Trying to cross Newton Road in Bletchley is a flippin' nightmare in the morning. Waited for 4 mins the other day and the 2 mini roundabouts near the Three trees pub/ Tesco local were queuing in all directions this morning Obviously, just blame Boris for the increase in COVID cases!
  2. has anyone actually had the money back yet? I should get £50 back
  3. Just cancelled Performance direct one, from the original £426 premium I got back £368 (£55 fee & £3.27 for 4 days on cover)
  4. I've been caught by this before with "classic" car policies, when I had my Caterham 7 it was insured by Adrian Flux on a "classic" policy, no claims for 17 years but no NCD
  5. just been on compare the Meerkat Quote from Admiral (with 2 yrs NCD) for £390, cheaper than quote from Performance Direct without being shafted on NCD!
  6. Just renewed insurance, I thought I had 6 years NCD. Turns out I only had 2 years on current policy and can't get proof of NCD before that New insurance company want an additional £417 (on top to the £420 I already paid) to continue cover
  7. Just renewed with Performance Direct £426 for my 718, over £200 cheaper than Lockton. I too had to call them, I was told as it's a performance car policy they need proof of this (not asked on the online form) they wanted the reg number of my old 987S
  8. Car insured with Chubb via Locktons, contacted them to ask for track day cover for Bedford in September but they wont cover me as not a PCGB track day & open pit lane Also, just had the renewal through .....£650
  9. are you covered for the possible October PCGB PEC driving day?
  10. Current '55 plate 987 Boxster S is being replaced on Thursday with a '66 plate 718. Currently insured with Locktons and pay approx £300 pa, rang up to ask for quote on new car and they want £600 pa (policy due for renewal in September). I looked on the meerkat and got quotes for about £300 Never had any issues with Locktons- good company to deal with but then again never had to claim either. They do include European breakdown cover. I'm wanting to do the "drive your own Porsche" at PEC in October (dates not confirmed yet) but I know it states that Locktons insure your car for th
  11. Pezky

    987.1 key upgrade

    I bought what looks like the same key from Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01I4P0IT0/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Easy peasy to change over. Key blade just swaps over, just remember to take transponder out of old key
  12. Pezky

    Roof cleaning

    I use Johnsons baby shampoo and a stiff brush to clean, then re-seal with Fabsil fabric waterproofing I've heard of Milton fluid used to clean the mold off if really bad
  13. Bear in mind that you will be taxed on that as part of your salary, could put you in a higher tax bracket? Might be better to ask to run your Boxster and claim back as p/mile at the HMRC rates?
  14. A-plan a competitive in the quotes, Greenlight were far too expensive!
  15. Only covered for PCGB trackdays....and the PEC driving thing @ Silverstone in October! Unlimited number of days but the club days are normally expensive compared to other TDOs. Tricky decision really, I've booked the 45min session in October at Silverstone and a PCGB trackday at Oulton park in November (as it's the cheapest) but was thinking of using other trackday providers - of course you don't need insurance cover for trackdays anyway.
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