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  1. Well, a year has gone by and I’ve just renewed again with A-Plan. Managed to shave a little from the renewal figure, and a little lower than 2019’s premium A-Plan were very helpful and efficient, M*nn**gs still several hundred pounds more, and PCGB’ partner Locktons basically said no point the wasting my time going through all the info, they’d be many hundreds adrift of my renewal figure. didnt bother calling AS Flux, couldn’t be bothered with their approach - basically whatever they offer/ quit is there and them, to get you to go for it. Bit of a hard sell, which I don’t like. hoping A-Plan come in competitive on the macan insurance when that’s due in April.
  2. If fitting to the (981) GTS, I would recommend using 2 looped small/thin zip-ties top, centre, as a safety-tether. it should be easy enough to do this and hide the zip ties from general view - may require a tiny pilot-hole drilling in the hidden upper section of the opening - deeper in from the front of the opening so well out of view. I had the misfortune of losing my Centre grille after correctly installing the entire 5 piece set for the front of my BGTS. Zunsport were excellent and sent me a replacement Centre section no question, but I’ve used the above method to ensure if for some reason said replacement pops out, it won’t fall out onto the road and be lost.
  3. Thanks @CMA, noticed your comment from Dec 16 within this thread.
  4. Hi all, looking through this old thread, the general consensus I’ve picked-up seems to be that A-Plan are a decent outfit? I’m renewing my insurance for the 3rd time on my BGTS, first year was with M***ings, second year with AS F**x. Very happy with both previous insurers, but renewal with current insurer is up by about £100 - with no motoring convictions, accidents/claims or modifications or change of address etc to justify the increase. Can’t get through to L**kt*ns who are a PCGB partner, and M***nings to be fair are at least consistent with what they’d quoted last year, but still several hundred ££’s adrift from where I am. A-Plan have just given me a very palatable quote - that’s before I read here they’ll offer some discount for BoXa.net members - and having discussed level of cover etc on the phone, I’m heading towards renewing with them - even if Fl*x suddenly “lose” the additional £100 proposed renewal, for retaining my business. I value any company that will work hard to offer their most competitive rates from the off, without requiring a lengthy to & fro to get there. Reading this thread, doesn’t look like I have anything to worry about going with A-Plan? David
  5. Patt, sorry to read your news and hope you get sorted soon.
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