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  1. Ive tried multicar before but it actually worked out much cheaper insuring individually ?
  2. Need to start getting quotes in as early as possible (28 days)? The closer to the renewal date the more they will quote you?
  3. Think thats a bit different as as long as you paid back over 50% of the final value of the car then you incur no more costs and i think you use Contract Hire GAP for lease vehicles not normal gap.
  4. Dont the lease company chase you for the difference between the remaining value and the amount the insuarnce company payout after its written off?
  5. Yeah all my past costs have been in the £180's to £220 , Ala wanted £316 . i ended up with a company called Direct gap at £234 , defacto rating as good as Ala , but as with any insurance you dont know how good they are until you need them?
  6. Always used ALA in the past, but just done a new quote and the cost has shot up!! Anyone else noticed this?
  7. If you dont plan to keep after the term has ended the best option is to have the highest GTV value possible at the end which will make your monthly payments cheaper if the apr is the same, also to bear in mind options have very little bearing in the the final GTV.
  8. Its not just speed also depends on the force . Some offer some just send the ticket
  9. Some companies ask and some it affects premiums etc . You should always declare everything.
  10. I'm with LV and its £575 a year, didnt go for the lowest and was advised as who to use and the cr%p ones by my friend who work in an insurance claims department.
  11. Very impressed You've done a cracking job. I was happy to help you out. I treated myself to a nice pint of Tea from the Hoggs Back brewery with your kind generosity. Put a Porsche logo in the middle and you could tell?
  12. Ive just had to alter my insurance with one month remaining for my 718 and it cost me £7.58 result even with an outstanding claim. Im not into Saga territory yet until later in the year, but have been told to stay well clear of them. I passed my bike test at 17 years and 5 weeks then sold my 125 for a brand new VF500 , they were doing an offer of £99 insurance then when i went to renew for the second year it was £1600 !!!!!! which was more than the bike was worth, so back to a 250.
  13. Ive used ALA as well, but i have no idea how good they as touch wood i have never had to use them. Their defaqto rating is 5 star. You don't know how good an insurance company is until you have to use them. Avoid Coop, Saga!!! I have back to Invoice cover. I looked at there alloy wheel insurance but in the small print they don't cover diamond cut wheels. How competitive is the Porsche car insurance? As i believe you get an experience day with it?
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