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  1. As per my post above for a 987 relevant it air con it can : AC (Air Condition)*# - Air distribution bottom button - Air distribution centre button - Air distribution top button - Auto button - Button for left seat heating - Button for right seat heating - CAN compressor shutdown - Compressor request - Compressor run-in phase ended - Compressor status - Defrost button - ECO button - Engine running signal - Fan plus button - Heated rear window button - Re circuit Air button - RPM increase
  2. Ps the electrical connector with the orange “lever” .....make sure this is 100% in properly before refitting they door card.....you can think the lever has pulled it home and it hasn’t.....best to check windows are working before refitting the door card .... ......re the membrane if your not used to removing these then mark the Torx screw holes before you remove the screws with some red touch up paint...saves a lot of head scratching when you come to fit the screws back as there are a lot of other holes .......... ...you need to make sure the poppers have “reprimed” before refitting
  3. The poppers in the lower 3rd form part of the waterproof membrane .....the usual cause of “wet door carpet” is either someone poked a trim removal tool in too far when removing the door card and compromised the sticky strip water barrier or a lower popper was not reset and reseated properly when the door card was refitted.........nb externals water running down the window “sits” in the lower few inches of the aluminium inner membrane so its the poppers lower than that level and sticky strip that need to be watertight, you get away with it not being higher up...... A new aluminium membrane
  4. Nb re disconnecting the battery, I refer to the Negative terminal to be disconnected which is correct (ie the recommended terminal to remove first) so ignore the fact I disconnected the +ve in the Picture 😉
  5. Extracted from my 987.2 journal for ease of reference...... Replacing the Door Lock Actuator unit on a 9x7.2 BACKGROUND Occasionally I had noticed that the window returned to the fully up position when the door handles where released which means the control unit does not realise the door is still open........a replacement requires a door strip down and although fiddly to get at the control unit in the door skin it is a DIY.....unfortunately unlike the microswitches in the door handles these are not separate in the door lock unit and so you have to buy the entire unit (
  6. Extracted from my 987 journal as I thought it would make a good how to thread in its own right in these lockdown days 😉 Bluetooth Battery Meter Review..... So in these Virus Lockdown days the Boxster has been used a few days per week for a short commute into work but then has been stood for days without use.....although the commute runs are great with light traffic the car is just not getting the sort of run out it would normally....so I've started to wonder on the state of the battery.......I could maneauver cars around the driveway and put it on trickle charge but it would be nice
  7. Yes, I’ve already had requests to take it to the next Manchester Porsche meet lol
  8. I have no idea re the durametric in terms of capability .....but my days of trying to get an old windows laptop to run dodgy software are over lol...........I Porsche Indy mechanic on another forum commented that it does basically everything that his workshop kit does with the exception of coding ..........I’m not sure what if anything it can do in that respect eg key coding, ECU coding but I assume it can’t.......the manual and info I could (not) find online as to detailed capabilities really was shockingly poor, really underselling its capabilities over a standard generic OBD reader.....henc
  9. I have extracted this from my 987 journal to also create a seperate thread as it may be useful to people who are not necessarily looking in the 987 section of the forum.......... iCarsoft POR v2 Diagnostic user experience....... So I've had a problem with my UK spec 2011 987-2 Boxster S Black Edition ie the common window drop on door open failure.......its been sparodic and inconsitent in presentation and is more than likely down to a poor / failing solder in the drivers door locking mechanism........but it could be other control units involved in the process........this is somethin
  10. Nope it will increase it only joking as insurance companies make their own rules up so who knows. All that matters is you get like for like cover ie what you need and what goes out your bank account 😉
  11. Protected no claims is just a gimmick IMO, its does not mean that your insured risk won't increase so all they do is increase that by more to offset the no claims discount ie they make up the rules....... Shop around every year, no matter what, insurance loyalty only get you ripped off........having said that I've been with classic line for a few years no. ITs a slightly different form of insurance so there is no, no claims discount but what matters at the end of the day is the cover and what goes out you bank account......worth giving them a shout as they are a small outfit (based in Hin
  12. Classic Line cover both my 993 and BGTS, by far the cheapest cover I could find for the two cars ;-)
  13. Fwiw my experience is your car would not entitle you to the allowance. The normal way around this is to try to simply negotiate it onto your salary but that may cause other internal issues for them. The other bonus is you would not get the reduced mileage rate that you would with a car allowance. Sometimes less on your salary but full mileage allowance is worth more in your pocket. Everyone's circumstances are different though. First world problems though as worst case is your same as you are now.
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