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  1. Hi All, I've another weird issue. My credit cards are okay (valid, full limit available). But so far not once was a request for payment actually sent to the issuing banks. I verified this and am seriously vexed. What is going on? They ask for the CCV (Barclays Bank scolded me for providing it over the phone). Now I got a warning about an overdue payment. No option to transfer money, which would take only 2 minutes to hit their account. It's one of the big names... Thank you in anticipation for your comments and suggestions! Chris
  2. Yep. After a few days, a refund came. But insuring 3 cars for a few days each cost a whopping 900 quid. Never got a proof of insurance or an accounting. Emailed the office manager of the insurance broker. No joy. What is going on?!? The 2.7 liter was 1,3xx GBP, the "S" was 1,4xx GBP and the 944 S2 3.0 was about 988 GBP. Fleet insurance anyone? I've now 5 Porsches (feeling dazed, I dunno how that happened. Hope I won't get certified over it)
  3. Look, you can sell on the car and I trust that you would get another 1,600 GBP without some fancy "ad campaign". A good friend needs a S's engine, electromics and manual gearbox. He has a super 986 2.5 (already with the S's brakes
  4. Take the offer - you will surely get about 1.600 in addition...
  5. No, it's a UK broker and a UK bank. An upper limit for cash transfers make me sweat this otherwise negligible issue. Update of the approximately 3,700 pounds I had paid for my policies (days, a week and less than a month), only 2,8xx pounds were refunded. * never even got paperwork or an "accounting" detailing the charges. * When I asked the broker's office manager to please provide that, the request was declined and I was referred to the sales person. (Whom i don't want to bother - it'S not his job AFAIK as he is there to sell and make money, not engage in long-winded back
  6. No, it's a UK broker and a UK bank. An upper limit for cash transfers make me sweat this otherwise negligible issue.
  7. They say it was done yesterday, Friday. Crediting the refund back to my credit card. Surely, the bank should know of such an incident, just like it will know when there was a charge... The broker claims that I would have to wait a few days before the refund would hit my account. What is your take? Am deeply suspicious
  8. What about serial short-term insurance covers of Porsches?
  9. Something to go with a dealer'S plate without a dealer's plate. * Strictly only 1 driver. * In California, I had one policy for 3 trucks. --- Another question: I have a full British dl and never had an accident, but I've been abroad. Does this mean that I won't get a NCB, no claims bonus?!? Chris
  10. I'd like insurance for multiple Boxsters, only ever to be driven short distances and changed frequently. Like a dealer's insurance but with different plates? In CA, I had a policy for my 3 trucks with AIG. Can't drive more than one at a time... Thanks, Chris
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