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  1. Depending on the Porsche, a lot of specialist lenders will base their quote on the residule value of the car, after say four years. That way you can get into a £60k car for for a lot lower monthly repayments, with the balancing figure of say £20k at the end of the deal. This balancing figure is hopefully less than the trade in value of the car, so you have a deposit going forward. Magnitude have good reports and do a lot of work with the "Youtube" generation ! My Brother bought a Macan via an OPC and went this route. £55k car, circa £500pm repayments and £19k to either pay to buy th
  2. Yep, I'm with Elephant for two of my cars, should get £50 refunded. Lockton havnt mentioned anything (yet) re the Boxster. It's been safely tucked up in the garage since 7th February (the last track day I did).
  3. My Merc insurance renewal came through last week. £343 for another year with Elephant. Went on Compare the Cat! and got a best quote of £267. Phone call to Elephant (which I have done for the past 12 years) and they reduced to £277. Just one phone call to my existing insurer normally does the job. The Boxster is with Locktons and the renewal this year was exactly the same as last year. So happy with that as well. Circa £330 with European breakdown.
  4. For my 986 it was around £315 for the year from Locktons, annual mileage 5k. That included PCGB Membership (which I probably would have joined anyway). Plus UK & Euro breakdown cover. Add those two together (£70 + £70 ?), that makes it about £175 for the actual insurance. My current broker is Elephant (for my everyday car) and of course, they transfer you to Admiral Multi Car, as you cant have two cars with Elephant. They quoted £370 for the Boxster, with no added benefits. I gave my local A-Plan broker a go as well and after about an hour they rang back with "a really special de
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