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  1. Seems you can’t recieve messages, so an abridged version below Capital Car Finance Mark williams 01925 589 017 mark.williams@capitalcarfinance.co.uk Oracle Oliver Clarkson 07772 698 045 oliver.clarkson@oraclefinance.co.uk
  2. I’d check both to be honest. I can send you some contacts if you like.
  3. I’ve had a good experience at Oracle or Capital Car Finance (depending on the vehicle price).
  4. This looks like a rate that’s close to double figures per annum. You should be able to do better than that
  5. They do but the rates are atrocious. Consider checking with a broker as well. Oracle or the like
  6. Anyone used them? their meerkat quote is coming out much lower than others
  7. As people have said, check your settlement figure and then find out what your cars worth, if you didn’t put in a large deposit then in all likelihood you’ll probably be in negative equity. At which point you need to look at your voluntary termination rights under the consumer credit act. Which you’re most likely going to have had to pay back 50% of the original loan (this may still be your best option if in negative equity) as you either pay an extra chunk now and give the car back, or keep it for the next (approx) 6 months and make the monthly payments and then give it back. best of luck though and hope it all works out, sounds like an absolute sh*tter particularly if they rate you.
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