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  1. I've just had my daily driver Mondeo written off after someone drove into the back of it. Relatively low speed and on first inspection you would think it needed a new back bumper and a few pieces of trim. The other side's insurers accepted full responsibility so it seemed like being a case of getting it booked into the body shop and sorting out a rental. However, it turned out that the boot floor was badly creased and to cut the story short, it was an economic write-off. A shame as it was a really nice car, still driveable and with everything still working as it should. So, I awaited the
  2. And in a small piece of good news... I've just received an email from Admiral, with whom I have a multi car policy, to say that since they are experiencing fewer claims during this lock down they are refunding £25 per insured vehicle. So that means an unexpected bonus of £75, which is nice! Be interesting to see if all insurers are doing this.
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