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  1. Get police involved, 2 guys chasing down a woman and then intimidation, can't have that, how many other times has he done this sort of thing???
  2. If it's a private road that means you all own it then get some of those things they have in carparks that let cars go over them the correct way but puncture the tyres if they go the wrong way...she'd only do it once!!!!!!!?
  3. haha, cheers anyway dude, got the wheels refurbed......
  4. As the title suggests, I'm getting my wheels refurbed soon but will have to put the boxster up on axle stands to take them down and with just having the car since christmas I'm after advice and hopefully a pic or 2 where to put the 4 axle stands so it is safe for a few days, it will be on a very gentle slope on my drive...oh and the Boxster is a 987 Boxster S. Thanks. Ellis.
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