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  1. @Remodot that’s annoying, I’ve not had any issues with connection other and it wanting to be connected all the time ie when cleaning the car and I have my headphones in, every time I wonder past it reconnects, a lot less annoying than what your dealing with though. Have you pushed for a replacement? Easy to change over.
  2. That’s good, how are you finding it? I’m going to have a look at fitting the mic at some point
  3. @Simon. this is how I connected the power up,
  4. Not sure that you can, don’t know that you can’t though. ? It utilises the fibre optic cable from the cd changer, so you loss the changer and gain Bluetooth. Maybe check behind the plastics in the frunk for the fibre optic cable Sorry, that’s my knowledge exhausted.
  5. They’re so bad aren’t they, ?? No worries, wasn’t sure if anyone would care too much about the install side of it, but posting “yeah it’s good” seemed a bit pointless. It is surprising easy to fit, 8 screws, 2clips and a cable tie. I spent most of my time trying to work out what cables to connect to, I find auto electrics a bit confusing ?
  6. I’ve been searching for a way to connect my iPhone to my 987 CD-R 24 with cd changer. Tried the fm transmitter type things that plugs into the 12v socket in the arm rest. But they’re cr*p, and a waste of money. Was playing with the idea of changing the head unit, but it always seemed a long, expensive way around a problem a modern ish (2006) car shouldn’t have. I found this on amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07BR2ZZCY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_H0zzBb942E964 £118 later this arrived comes with bt unit, fibre optic cable, mic, power cable and splicing clips. Removed the rubber seal and plastic covers in the frunk. there's two clips on the bottom of the cd changer housing, the only way I could get them off was by putting my finger under and behind the clip, and pulling forward (towards the front of the car) and then lifting the the top of the clip once the clips are off you can pull the unit forward releasing it from the rear clips. Remove the fibre optic cable which clips directly into the bt unit, use the splice connector to connect to the cd changers power supply. I connected the fibre optic cable supplied to the cd unit to stop dust getting in. cable tide to the top of the housing. Switch the head unit to cdc, connect to the unit via Bluetooth on my phone and bingo worked first time ? really pleased with it, works perfectly. Easy to fit, a flat head, Philips screwdriver and pliers 40min max I might have a look at connecting the mic so I can make calls, but not fussed for now just pleased to have more that 6cds to listen to ? @Simon.
  7. How comes I can see the photos? Just says “please update your account”
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