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  1. I've checked the postcode, Si. Mine is an A, same as my folks. It's a little cheaper but it's not where I live and the car won't be garaged there either - I'd rather not have a claim declined as a result. Nothing has changed since I insured the Megane and MX5 (both under £300, the latter with 0 NCD), other than time.
  2. Just got a quote on a potential second car. 1.4 MG ZR. Just me, with 3 yrs NCD on another policy I had. £500+ and £300 excess. The excess alone is more than the value of the car. WTF!! My postcode is an A - the best you can have.
  3. Dropped to 8k miles on a comparison search. Best quote is £443 with Hastings for just me. That one has bugger all in terms of legal, courtesy car, windscreen etc. excess is £300 still. LV is stil 500+. No one is getting close to low £400s let alone £2/300 I'm beginning to think that it is what it is.
  4. Just ran a quote through with AXA. Just me. Same details provided as with all the others. Nothing untoward. Declined to quote. WTF!
  5. Called AIB. Decreasing mileage made no difference. Doesn't get any cheaper unless I dropped to 3k miles pa. I want to drive it, not look at it in the garage! Looking like I may have to accept it for what it is and pay the dollar!
  6. LV came up second/third on the comparison websites. Around the mid £500s for just me. I will call AIB later and see if dropping the mileage has any effect. I went 10k to play it safe. I doubt it'll do that much. Once I get a runner for daily stuff I'd still like to drive it to work now and again so SD&C is a must.
  7. I'm shopping around for quotes atm, for a 2005 3.2S. Started with the comparison websites to get a rough idea then onto the specialists. I've been quoted between £480 (comparison) up to £800+ so far. Excess ranges from £195 to £800. I'm mid 40s, good postcode, homeowner, garaged, SD&C, 10k miles. 10 yrs NCD, no claims or convictions. If I add the missus (38 yo, 1x claim - last year) then it hikes up to the £800+ premiums, as expected. Best value for money so far is AIB; £658 with £250 excess. That's with the missus included. It's £578 without. Seen lots of threads here with peeps getting covered for as little as £300. My last car, a remapped Megane RS250 Cup, with the same bhp was around that. I appreciate that many of you on here have it as your second car. This is the plan for me but in the meantime it will be my daily. Do you reckon my quotes above are about ball park?
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