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  1. Yes, did it. Their are X2 bolts, one at the front and one at the rear, you need to get them out then the switch can be lifted. To put the the bolts back in was a bit annoying to line up. From time to time there are few second hand for sale, a new one is between £60 - £70.
  2. For me the cost is not the all important thing, I want to have an agreed value so can buy another if have an accident. Compare the market etc. companies will pay you market value which is several thousands less compare to what you will have to pay for a replacement.
  3. Hello Carlie Thanks for your reply. I have renewed already and think that it might be too late for this year, in any case will PM you.
  4. Gave up on A Plan. Tried to insure my home, had a great service from my local office but she was bitten big time by Aviva. Then tried to insure the car, provided all information and was quoted ~£750 while my current insurer charges £440, when I mentioned it I was told that they refused to provide the classic cover as the car is too new (2005). Go figure.
  5. Thank you guys. Talked with NFU and am waiting for final figure. Also talked with Lockton but haven't seen the figure yet. The most interesting quote came from my current insurer. The renewal letter was £508 up from £398 but then reduced to £478 with an access of £400. I checked on GoCompare and their quote was £305 with access of £250. 😕
  6. It is time to renew my insurance and I have started to shop around using recommendations on this forum and other. I am trying to find the contact details for NFU but all I get are the details of Aviva (who wants compulsory £500 access). Can someone please give me the contact details? Thanks
  7. Thank you guys. I have already had a word with her and was told that she is very conscientious as she is aware of people and cars, so drives carefully ? yet she was apologetic a I was really angry (yet polite).
  8. I live on a private estate with a courtyard where we all park our cars. Each person owns his/her property and we all share the common grounds and the road. One of my neighbours drives a bit too fast and when on the roundabout always drives on the wrong side i.e. anti clockwise. Last week was the 2nd. time that we were very close to a head on collision when she suddenly appeared in the roundabout, driving the wrong way (vehicles approaching from our court yard can’t be seen as it is walled). So the question is; In a case of collision will insurance covers the damage? Thanks
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