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  1. I’m with Adrian flux, and they mirrored my main car NCD for 9 yrs, as I had none to use. Still expensive though after my adventure with a tree.
  2. I just tried to add the wife to my Adrian flux policy and was told, no they won’t add her. Shes 51, full licence, 20 yrs. no claims, no points. Was hoping she’d make it cheaper, she won’t get behind the wheel!
  3. I’ve just renewed my auto-aid at £48. Only out once last year to my erm, MX5, before the Boxster. They were great, quick service and a quick fix. Recommended.
  4. Bez9794

    Roof cleaning

    What’s the best way, things to use to clean my roof. Black, but covered in green bits, can I buy something, or just get my local valet to do it? thanks for any tips.
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