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  1. Mine arrived today. Looks great 👍 very nicely made. Will report back on fitting when I get round to it! Thanks @bally4563
  2. Taking sandpaper to your paint is always a brave thing to do! When you say temporary do you mean you will be getting it done professionally in the future, or do you have another fix in mind? That last photo seems out of focus, do you have any others where we can see the outcome?
  3. Super. I'll let you know if I have any luck
  4. Ordered 👍🏼 Good write up, thanks 😃
  5. Fantastic write up 👍🏼 Seems a very capable little tool
  6. Super video! Have you or anyone managed to wire them up to the factory heated seat buttons?
  7. Good point! Didn’t know if it would affect pre-tensioners etc and/or if they were connected to airbags. Maybe just being a little too cautious!
  8. Much appreciated! Thanks Nicky Might be a silly question but any issues with battery/alarm/airbags when doing this?
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