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    Ac removal

    Are you intending on keeping the car and moving it on one day? Resale will be dented if you remove the system, these cars are always more attractive to buyers with an extra or 2 more than the next one, only of course if the history and condition stack up.
  2. I have one, recently changed seat belts and had a code come up so purchased, reset it no problem. Changed the manifolds to sports cats and an error came up, purchased some right angle Lambda sensor manifolds, cleared the faults and no codes...….worked for me again, win win. I keep it in the car for a just in case moment. Worth the 100 odd quid to save a dealer trip.
  3. I've tried many many times for multi car and multi bike policies without luck and still cant better my individual policies. I have 4 bikes (1 valued at 12k) and 3 cars including the Boxster for under £1000, I am 50 this year.
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