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  1. Had mine done recently both sides (only one was cracked but parts were cheap enough to do both) £22.40 a side from OPC for the plastics and a few more quid to renew the fixings.
  2. Interesting to hear. Reading the wording, feels like some potential agg-reduction re usage of OE parts. I'm also currently with Churchill but might explore this option come renewal time just to benchmark.
  3. Didn't even know this was a thing until a few mins ago... https://www.insurewithporsche.co.uk/car-insurance/
  4. I thought the whole point of insurance is that it is restorative and puts things back as they were, maybe try that angle.
  5. I think you did very well there and nice photo of the car - v pretty. 😀
  6. So you're no longer a Saga-lout ? Talk them down further, surely there must be more in it ? (kidding - sounds like you got a great deal) 👍
  7. No. You need a handover run from a PIWIS diagnostic tool.
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