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  1. So I bumped my gums in an email to Adrian flux insurance £25 refund on the boxster policy as it's with ABC (part of LV ) RESULT.......
  2. I have multiple vehicles insured with Adrian Flux Insurance I sent them a query regarding possible refund / bonuses in view of the lockdown In short...... "NO" refunds will be given. My response was , " well come the renewal date " my classic car ,daily car,classic tractor, house and contents........will be going to pastures new
  3. I had an automatic renewal on Adrian Flux classic policy They put the price up £90 for no reason this year. I went on compare the market, sent them the alternative quote (from Hastings insurance ) that was total cost at £195. Strangly they instantly matched it when I said I'd be off. I do use Adrian Flux insurance for daily car, classic car, household building and contents &classic tractor insurance So they didn't want to lose my custom.
  4. I may have to use this guide......I think my clock / oil level gauge bulb may be blown 😢
  5. Insu is a minefield, so many variables to make up a quote. I use Adrian Flux classic policy, £175 fully comprehensive, £300 excess. Restricted miles, standard car 986 2.7 litre. But I'm 63 and live in rural wales with full advanced police grade one on bikes and cars, ( classed above IAM qualifications)25yrs Ncb. ....etc etc It pays to be an olde hooligan
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