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  1. Just had a great quote from A-plan, £279 fully comp with legal cover and £250 excess, thats for two of us to drive with 5k mileage. My E-Sure renewal was £247 but the excess was £500 compulsory and £100 voluntary, Even though it a bit cheaper I loved the fact that A-plan answer their phone straight away, are very friendly and helpful and there is another means of communication via this forum. All in all, two thumbs good from me, Im sure you'll be ensuring my Mini in a few weeks. Rog.
  2. Quote is in, little bit dearer than the renewal but better cover and less excess so I'm happy, just like to say Chris at A-plan was a pleasure to deal with, you really do get the personal touch with these guys...Happy Rog. Rog.
  3. If you are married (or civil partnership) all assets are joint, how do I know this....a hard divorce from a women who never worked a single day of our 20 year marriage, yes she raised the kids but she didn't earn a penny toward our assets and ended up with half (TBH its fair). When you are asked if you are the legal owner it is automatically assumed you are joint owners if you are married, doesn't matter whose name its in (for all assets, not just cars) if you are married its all joint, that goes for dept too. In other news, Chris has indeed phoned me, just waiting for a quote... Rog.
  4. Sam, she has a full UK license, has never had even a speeding ticket and like you has never had any problems with insurance before (has even had a few claims which were settled with no problems). Broker said that because it would be a specialist insurance they wont insure he as she is not a British citizen, its a shame really as even if it was the same price as my renewal Id rather put my money into a supporter of this forum than a face less multinational. Maybe Carlie could do some research and see if its possible. Rog.
  5. So gave A-plan a quick ring this morning, really lovely helpful people, quote was going well until....I mentioned that Rachel (my fiancee) is an American citizen, she has been here 30 years and has a indefinite visa but is not a British citizen so unfortunately they can't insure the car for both of us. Not the end of the world as our renewal from E-sure was quite good so we will probably just stay with them....however, something thats sticks in my mind from the conversation I just had.... when he pointed out that they could not add Rachel to the policy I said its ok, she hardly ever drives the box and the only reason we would want her on it is so she can drive it in an emergency, i.e I'm ill or it needs to go to the garage etc, and she could just drive it 3rd party of her own fully comp car insurance as she has the 'drive any car 3rd party bit'. He then said...yes... right up until you get married.. once you are married the Boxster legally becomes a joint asset and you both legally own it so the 'drive any other car YOU DONT OWN' bit of fully comp insurance is no longer valid for her to drive the box.... Now I know loads of folk who have hobby cars and only insure them in their own name as the wife can always drive it 3rd party if need be, they could be breaking the law..... Something to bear in mind.. Rog.
  6. Thanks Carlie, I'll give you a ring tomorrow. Rog.
  7. Carlie, out of interest do you do multi car policies?? Our 987 and my Mini are both due next month, just wondered if its worth getting a quote from you.
  8. Fitted the Mr 12v version today, easy peasy and works a treat, two thumbs good from me. 👍👍
  9. Simon, excellent write up and just what I'm looking for, just wondered how much control over your phone you have? I have a similar setup in my mini and can listen to Spotify on my iPhone, I can advance tracks etc using the buttons on my head unit, is that possible with your setup? Rog.
  10. Awesome write up, godsend for me as I’m looking at cars but can’t find one with heated seats so this is the option. Can I ask what kit you fitted and where you got it from. Rog.
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