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  1. The heat in LEDs is created in the electronics driving them so many come with an additional heatsink on the back as shown in the link Ash has provided. In halogens all the heat is in the filament which is glowing white hot and is then reflected and focussed on to the front lens causing the heat damage!
  2. Mine dropped in perfectly on my 986 at the weekend. To confirm you cannot get the brace past the ARB on a 986 without undoing the ARB mounts. Nicely made product Mick. 👍
  3. Like the 'Bally Brace' name 👍 Torque to 65Nm or 48 lbft if you use the same torque as the original stud in this position. Nice write up, hoping to fit mine tomorrow and I ahve done all new suspension in the last 9 months. @Araf any way to modify this thread into a How To and copy it to that section of the forum?
  4. The iCarsoft POR v1.0 and V2.0 will NOT do a handover or 'wake up' modules. As someone mentioned it above, the service reset does just that but asked whether miles or KM which I guess just takes out rounding errors between the metric and imperial unit of measure systems. I've just done one for the first time for some one on a 987.
  5. @Araf, @Menoporsche should this be put in How To???
  6. 👍👍 Book marked! Welcome, good entrance! Add your location to your profile it will help other offer relevant help.
  7. I have the v1 of this as after correspondence with the company I didn't feel the need to pay the extra for tools that are not required on earlier cars like electric hand brake back off. It is a passive device that can rest and is therefore very helpful for a DIY mechanic, it CANNOT do programming/coding like cruise control or a handover. For more in depth work you with need a higher level tools such as Durametric, PWIS etc. I have used it to rest ABS after changing a sensor and reset engine fault codes after a MAF sensor failure and change. If you have 986/996 or 987/987 then v1 at just under £100 is a very useful tool to have and will cover the read and reset functions for those models as well as give live data if you want it. Mine has already saved me that in fault code reads. It will work as a general OBD2 reader for compliant Makes and models for engine related codes only though. Per the offer above from @TV8 I am willing to help people in around South Mids.
  8. Depends on the suspension fitted to the car, standard or sports Look for code 029 (standard) or 030 on the label inside the bonnet that has a whole block of 3 digit codes on it as well as the paint code and a lot of other details on the spec of the car as it left the factory. More info at this link: https://www.stuttcars.com/technical/option-codes/
  9. A little more info, the 3 bolt sizes in the 'boomerang' bracket have the following torque settings: Front in to side chassis member 16mm hex - 120 Nm (89 lb ft) Centre hex on tuning fork 18mm - 160 Nm (118 lb ft) ARB clamping bolts, 2 rear most bolts, 15mm hex - 75 Nm (56 lb ft)
  10. I was glad to find all 4 front nipples came lose OK, but I used a deep 11mm socket to tighten then loosen off whist being able to control the applied torque better with the ratchet handle and my free hand to prevent twisting in the wrong plane. Haven't broken the lines or got to the rears yet as I found a broken front spring which needed more urgent attention.
  11. Thanks for passing on your experience @MattO89 most helpful.
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