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  1. I set up a pension private pension thru Prudential when I was 24 I'm now 55 , initially it looked a good bet but over the years the annual statement became less and less despite me paying 5% increase per annum , eventually I swapped it over to an IFA, untill 2008 when we had the crash , I froze my pension , and overpaid on my mortgage by the same contribution amount of pension, paid off my house 7 years early , for the last 2 years I swapped again to a sipp and managed my own pension through AJ bell you invest , I bought mainly tracker funds , with a few small gambles , I cashed mine out this year to help my two kids with house deposits , just worked out well for me as cashed out to avoid Brexit uncertainty ,but ended up missing covid too , I made more in 2 years than my IFA did in around 10, I'm self employed so for me pensions are a no go , the amount you have to pay in versus the amount you get out just doesn't compute , don't be afraid to to open a sipp , just do your research , AJ bell and Hargreaves landsdown , were the two I considered . In my case I think my IFA lost interest in managing my pension because I didn't want to invest more and more and of course I froze mine in the end due to the crash in 2008, long term investing it's supposed to smooth out the peaks and troughs but never seems to actually work out that way .
  2. I had this fail just recently as the front spring snapped on the same trip , had to have it recovered , I took mine to revolution Porsche Danny called me after investigation and told me my ignition switch was toast , I had the same symptoms as no resitence when turning key , I had to stall mine for it to shut off, , BUT on the facelift cars the switch is more expensive , luckily he managed to source a used GC part for me for £95 which saved me a fair bit , Well done though on doing it yourself , there's something quite satisfying doing a repair on your own , if it had been just the £20 electric bit on the ignition switch I'd have had a go myself
  3. Try a quote without the PCGB membership ,
  4. I'd try LOCKTONS I'm with them and so is my brother in law , very comprehensive cover , mine came in at £300 all in with a host of benefits , 5000 miles , PCGB member gets a discount too Good luck Sam 👍
  5. Hi Rog , I'm an American citizen too with indefinite stamp , I have a UK driving license , I've never had any problems like yours and always disclose that I wasn't born in the UK , incidentally I've been here 49 years , there should be no discrimination just because she has a us passport unless she DOESN'T have a UK license , I had troubles adding my American uncle to my car policy when he visits me in the UK ,no such problems when I visit him though
  6. So after reading all this on the multi car , I gave Aviva a call , couldn't do a multi car online with more than 2 cars ,so had to call them as I wanted 3 cars and a van ,started with my daily a 2012 Hyundai I 40 estate , then added on 2004 boxster s then 1989 944s2 then my vito van .got to the boxster and was answering questions back and forth then she hits me with your excess for the boxster is £850 the Hyundai was £350 , I've tried admiral and they wouldn't do a car and van multi policy , so back to the original plan of separate policies , I'm with locktons for the boxster I'm gonna stick with them and add on the 944s2 if possible , I tried with the multi but failed .I'm 54 with clean licence and 1 claim 3 years ago ,break in on my van , 14 years NCD on 2 separate vehicles
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