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  1. Skier1

    Ac removal

    I shall take a look. Thanks
  2. Skier1

    Ac removal

    Yes, done that, along with the tool kit. Just keep a holts tyre weld and 12v tyre inflator. I have always had this thing about not driving around with excess weight, that’s just me I guess.
  3. Skier1

    Ac removal

    Yes, was thinking the same thing. Thanks
  4. Skier1

    Ac removal

    I live in the U.K., so not a hot climate. I only drive my car when I can do so with the top down, so as I mentioned, I never use it. AC’s tend to weigh a ton, so driving it around and not using it is pointless, saving weight and fuel. Another Benefit is more direct Airflow onto the radiators rather than it being blocked by the condensers.
  5. Skier1

    Ac removal

    I am thinking of removing the air conditioning in my 2003 Boxster 3.2S as I never use it. Can anyone tell how I need to do it and if it can be done By myself, not using a mechanic. Thanks
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