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  1. Hi 

    I am getting made redundant in the new year and after 35 years in the same job not sure if I could manage a new one so thinking of selling up it close to 90k on clock and has the black seats and roof just has a few stone chips as this is used weekly etc it’s used as it should be 


    1. Fish19700


      Thank you and I am sorry to hear about redundancy. Are you able to send me some images? I presume FSH etc? Cheers

    2. Dmct


      Hi I try in a couple of days when weather has cleared it has 6 stamps and couple of independent I just had new pads and discs two weeks ago and new coil packs last year  pics is what’s on my phone now

      regards Duncan 


    3. Fish19700


      Thanks Duncan, I'll await some more images. Happy NY...!

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