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  1. Hi,  Plymouth to Weston super mare is 90 miles on A38 dual carriage way and M5, at a constant 73 ish MPH I got 40.9 MPG in my 2.7,  I took a photo of the computer as I couldn’t believe it.

  2. Hi Dazz, go to technical questions & answers, topic do these brake lines look terrible, and see if you can match up your rubber bit with any of the ones in the photos

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  3. Thanks for all your replies, looking at the reviews I think I will go for the 101 projects it’s on Amazon for £23 it should be ok for the jobs I would like to do



  4. Thanks Theo, how in-depth is it, I will never be taking the engine out or stripping it down for a rebuild, I just want to do what I can myself, and save a bit of cash, and get out of doing the gardening

  5. Going back to the indicators I got a advisory on my mot for them not being orange enough when I changed them for new ones they looked the same😟 can you get ones that are more orange than others or are they standard?

  6. Took out the drivers side headlight to replace a build and found a piece of wire behind it with a loop on, I presume this is some kind of drunk release but what use is it behind the light when you need to pop the drunk to get at it, or should it be located elsewhere?

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