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  1. My mechanic friend suggested that the assist spring only really affects the return of the pedal , not the "how hard it is to press down on the clutch" . Is this correct ? As the issue I have is how hard is to press down. Also my fears are becoming increasingly clunkier to get into gear..
  2. ok i'll try to have a look then. not entirely sure what and where i am looking as it still doesnt seem to be clear from the images in the OP quite where it is in-situ. also how can you tell it is broken from looking at it when the spring itself is covered up?
  3. Interesting, I suspect I may need to do this. As my symptoms are the same (heavy but not slipping etc) I can't seem to find a replacement part though for less than £65. have they gone up in price that much since this was posted or am I looking in the wrong places?
  4. 4 in total front and back? or just front? is it worth doing them "just because" (prob havent been replaced since new tbh) or is it not going to make much difference unless they are completely buggered? ah yeah, true enough.
  5. can you upload the pics again mate? and do you need 2 on front and 2 on rear? which ones did you use? it looks like its about 70-80quid if 4 are needed (from what i can see on ebay)
  6. wow, this seems a massive faff. one of my clips is broken, it keeps the deflector in place for now but i guess its just a matter of time. I think i'll try to fix with some sugru instead of getting hold of a rivet gun etc!! out of interest, where did you get the replacement clips and how much were they?
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