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  1. Rang Adrian Flux today to give them a second chance. They managed to get it down 25% but still too much. Did the Meerkat and had Admiral as the first offer. Here's where it gets interesting. If you add one of the fleet to the quote you get a discount. Ended up insuring the house and three cars including a new driver and business use on the imperial cruiser. Boxster is going to be 250 the cruiser 260 and the new drivers 450 ! I expect it to all unravel at renewal but I have been quote v happy !
  2. AIB came back with a quote, but it’s £50 more than admiral and half of the ‘renewal’. I’m sure I’ll be doing this again until the powers that be clamp down.
  3. Renewal time and AF have gone for the jugular with a renewal quote which is only 100% higher than the best Compare the Market quote despite earning another year's NCB. My wife's car quote this year was triple the best quote if she stayed with the same insurer. They always blame inflation and claims experience but it seems to be be very specific to them ! Looking forward to seeing what AIB can do.
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