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  1. So much will depend on the company car list, how much the allowance is & the rules around it, and what your personal circumstances/preferences are I take an allowance. Initially the main reason was nothing to do with the car, but because it's a fixed income, it enabled me to get a bigger mortgage! 15yrs later I still take the allowance, even as a high mileage driver. Main reasons being: 1) The allowance is comparatively generous compared to the list of company cars available 2) I'm not fussed about driving around in the latest / flashiest car 3) As long as it has 4 seats, <10yrs old, presentable & regularly serviced/MOT'd, I can drive what I want regardless of it's worth With the allowance I save 50% for the next car, approx. 25% on running costs and the rest pays for the Boxster 👍
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