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  1. More than adequate to keep you out of sight my dear chap 😜😎😁👮👮💩🎅
  2. Maybe I've added 500hp since last week 😜 Yes it will be the tyres. Not fit for 2 degrees
  3. Yes exactly where I've just been. Plenty of sliding....went to overtake something and as I was changing lanes the car let go... Was fun.
  4. Im not so sure. If the government said no going out and you did, that might constitute an issue somewhere... I'm just guessing. Im going out now to the shops for essential shaving gel oh and dinner for tonight
  5. So I am curious to find out what an insurers take is on driving during lockdown and having a requirement to use insurance, if the journey wasn't considered "essential"
  6. Financial sales people are just that, sales people. Any person who is paid for their time/service is ultimately a sales person. Advice if you can call it that varies depending on the products available and the interest to you and the financial sales person. There are many ways to help you choose the product "suited" for you but also for the financial sales person. (you notice I'm not using the bullshyate term IFA) There are many ways to plan for retirement, A pension is one of them. Wealth is defined by how long one could live normally without income. (I read that in some suped up self he
  7. Hi Leah I'm new here but I found that on found I ran before, more users would see adverts in signatures from contributed content than notices etc. Just my 2p Ched
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