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  1. Yeah, just realised when posting. I’ll have to go and take another, focussed this time. Although I say it’s temporary, it’s only ever getting done again if the arch bubbles - which it shouldn’t. I recently cleaned the lip on the inside of my arches. Go to your rear arch, and at the inner top you will feel a fairly significant lip, which on my car was holding a lot of dirt, and I imagine, if left, would result in corrosion.
  2. The arches on my 987 had begun to succumb to the road rash around the bottom of the arch/sill area where many cars seem to - I often see it in cars offered for sale, in far worse a state than mines was. Seeing as mines was not so horrendous, and my car is not metallic, I thought I’d give a home repair a go. Being a flat colour with no flake, a paint match was far easier to achieve from an aerosol can. Here is how I went about it: Products used Bilthamber Deox Gel Wire brush All purpose cleaner/degreaser Zinc primer Guards Red (or applicable) aerosol Any go
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