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  1. just back from another one of my '#NoHibernationOnMyWatch' runs... as some of you know I 'retro fitted' a front brace to my car not so long ago and then the 'BallyBrace' today. could just be a placebo of course but I do feel a bit more confidence when driving the car hard. hard to put into words but I just 'feel' the car is under me better of late. of course, the difference both of these upgrades make isn't going to be as obvious as replacing your whole suspension... I think the last car I owned that I felt this much confidence with was my Peugeot 306 Rallye, and trust me, that car was epic.
  2. thanks bud. bought them direct from the USA from here - https://safejacks.com/collections/compact-jack-stands not super cheap (and of course, got hit for import duty when they arrived) but they're a really good product. you can't put a price on safety!
  3. Hi all, Received my 'BallyBar' from @bally4563 today and whacked it on. It's a royal 'piece of urine' to fit, but thought I'd do a quick write up on here for anyone thinking of getting one. First things first - get the car up in the air. Apparently you can do it without jacking it up but I'm not the 20 year old gazelle I once was... Note - you don't need to take the wheels off but as it was up in the air I took the opportunity to give the brakes etc a once over. Next job, using a 13mm socket remove the anti roll bar bolts on both sides (shown as 1 in the photo below). You can then pull the bar backwards to give you better access. Again, it may be possible to fit the bar without doing this, but for the sake of removing a few bolts why make life hard for yourself. Once you've done this, use a 15mm socket to loosen the nut shown below (2). Don't take it all the way off, leave 'most' of the thread showing inside the nut. Then either using a punch or a 15mm impact socket (I recommend the socket) hammer the bolt out from its the housing (it's a captive bolt). If it doesn't come out wind some more of the nut off and go again. It will come out! Obviously you'll need to remove the bolt on both sides... Next, slide in your bar and simply line it up where the bolts you've just removed once were. Drop the new bolts in, then tighten up the nuts. Not sure of the torque value, but I'd go 'half a turn before FT'... Drop the 4 anti roll bar bolts back in and that's it. Job done. Get the car back on the ground, pat yourself on the back and crack open a Stella and chill. Cheers all. Ian B
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