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  1. just back from another one of my '#NoHibernationOnMyWatch' runs... as some of you know I 'retro fitted' a front brace to my car not so long ago and then the 'BallyBrace' today. could just be a placebo of course but I do feel a bit more confidence when driving the car hard. hard to put into words but I just 'feel' the car is under me better of late. of course, the difference both of these upgrades make isn't going to be as obvious as replacing your whole suspension... I think the last car I owned that I felt this much confidence with was my Peugeot 306 Rallye, and trust me, that
  2. thanks bud. bought them direct from the USA from here - https://safejacks.com/collections/compact-jack-stands not super cheap (and of course, got hit for import duty when they arrived) but they're a really good product. you can't put a price on safety!
  3. Hi all, Received my 'BallyBar' from @bally4563 today and whacked it on. It's a royal 'piece of urine' to fit, but thought I'd do a quick write up on here for anyone thinking of getting one. First things first - get the car up in the air. Apparently you can do it without jacking it up but I'm not the 20 year old gazelle I once was... Note - you don't need to take the wheels off but as it was up in the air I took the opportunity to give the brakes etc a once over. Next job, using a 13mm socket remove the anti roll bar bolts on both sides (shown as 1 in the photo be
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