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  1. Thanks both, it’s ok for 6+ year olds whereas most cars state a min. height. Managed to find the OEM kit on eBay for £215, and it looks pretty basic to install, even DIY, but I think I’d rather entrust an ind. garage to sort. Just pleased it can be done.
  2. Hello all, My first post on here as I research and look for my entry into the Porsche world. Im looking to get an 05/06 987 2.7 and need to be able to turn off the passenger airbag for when my 4-year old comes out with me. Looking at a car today, there wasn’t an option to do this on the car, like most with a switch on the end of the dash. The manual illustrated the switch. But was it an optional extra? Is it commonly found on examples? Is there another way to deactivate when needed? Thanks!
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