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  1. My feeling is that to get a high quality repair I'm going to be looking at closer to £1000, therefore paying the excess is cheaper in the short term. Based on feedback here it seems that future premiums will be higher which on a performance car isn't fun. Planning to get 2 more quotes today, and then make a decision.
  2. Hi Folks, I'm looking to get some self inflicted damage on my car repaired and have had quotes ranging from £400-800. Damage is across 2 panels- metallic colour) Obviously I'd want the best quality job possible, so considering claiming on my insurance to get a reputable body shop to do the work. Excess payable would be £500-possiblity less with go compare excess refund) I've got 15 years protected NCB, but the concern is that despite this i'll need to declare the claim and subsequent policies will increase. (I've read online that this is inevitable as the discount will just be applied to an increased premium.) I haven't contacted my insurance company yet, as I've also read that reporting the damage will automatically increase my premium as technically I've had an accident- whether i claim or not. Anyone else been in this situation and have any advice? i.e. settle privately vs take the risk and claim or do both options balance out in the long term 🤨 Many thanks
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