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  1. Last week of convertible ownership - Thanks for coming to say hello sunshine!

  2. Hello mate,

    Cheeky q. I was just looking to get a new desktop, old Dell is on its last legs and upgrading broadband to 50mb so thought I'd better get it sorted.

    I came across the Compaq Presario SG2-200, it's down to £259 on HP's direct web site. Just wondered if you can get a better deal on your employee site... ;)

    We only really use the PC for surfing, music & p...

  3. Hayzer said sitting...

  4. Are you set up as a Sole Trader or Limited Company?
  5. I think he meant through her incompetence rather than anything else, which is probably right. I agree with the others, let it go, they've lost you business so fek them.
  6. Not to mention a few half decent lap dancing bars...
  7. Bazza is a sad child... He used to "own" a nice motor but now has an oil burning pos. Our thoughts are with him...

  8. I'd say it's probably a combination of the steering wheel, dash & windscreen...
  9. Is that the pre-pay Dartford crossing thing??? If so, no, I doubt it, he is only 16...
  10. No mate, he's called George. The only problem is that the fecker comes from Essex...
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