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  1. It never used to make a difference. No doubt part of the charge is for re-documentation.
  2. I bought some diodes and that's as far as I've got, so far. Was it really two years ago. Welcome to the forum.
  3. I thought it better not to say anything about the picture, until Stuart had a copy. Now I can add that I can see that head being shrunk and added to lots of new pictures in the future.
  4. Try sticking it through a bit of pineapple and cheese, and you'll soon find the limitations.
  5. This ^^^^ has always worked. I think people are making money from over-engineering the cocktail stick.
  6. Please get a price for the damage to you your mirror. Even if you are not going to replace it, at least half of your mirror cost will lower the amount you will be contributing towards the other party's mirror. Also, be very sure of the story as you weren't there. A work colleague had a guy go to his house spitting feathers over the work colleague reversing into the guy's wife's car and then trying to say it was her fault. Once the colleague told him where the accident actually happened, that he was waiting to turn right when she hit him, that there was a witness to the accident and also showed the damage to the colleagues car (which didn't match the story the guy had been told), things calmed down. All because the guy's wife didn't want to be in the dog house over an accident.
  7. Ours still haven't worked out how to open the milk though.
  8. My roof is always covered in cat hair but as it's from one of our cats, I have no reason to complain. People have found pepper to be a good deterrent, in the past. I've never worked out how the cat is supposed to use the mill, without thumbs though....
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