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  1. just my 2c... I have alloy insurance on the GT3; was purchased when I bought the car - cant remember how much, but it was really cheap (came as part of a care package) couple of years ago when I scratched the rim avoiding a cat I used the service. Bearing in mind that the GT3 wheels are a satin 'brown' ish finish, and require centrelock removal, I was dubious that the outcome would be satisfactory. Took the car into the OPC to remove the wheel, the repair guy came into them, couple of hours later, all done. I could not, and still cant see the repair. It is that good. I'm using the policy again (Today, actually) as I have two small scuffs on both nearside wheels (and I'm buggered how they got there - only me drives the car and I sure as hell haven't touched any kerbs!). Again , being done in the OPC premises
  2. Can you give me an indication of costs for trackday cover on a 991GT3 ?

    Cover for current market value please!




  3. Don't suppose you live on Abbots  Road do you ?

    there is a lovely 986 on there last time I looked :)

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