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  1. Sweating my b*ll*cks off in Soller

  2. Is fed up with the body shop fixing some paintwork on Mrs H's MINI, they said it would be 3 days, that was 11 days ago.Grrrrrrrrrrr

  3. is enjoying the sunshine

  4. is freezing his ar*e off in a draughty office.

  5. is getting pressure from Mrs H to buy a Mini

  6. is bored at work, its been a slow day

  7. is feeling a bit jaded, post holiday blues

  8. is sitting watching the snow falling again

  9. is sitting watching the snow falling again

  10. Blue sky thinking

  11. says Nikkie should come to Aberdeen, nice and sunny here today

  12. Instant coffee from a ..................... machine

  13. I called my insurance company today to change the details on my insurance policy for tomorrow. They recalculated the premium and offered me a £14 rebate after admin fee . I told them I would be much cheaper to to cancel and take out a new policy elsewhere. The guy told me it was my prerogative but there would be a cancellation fee and only an 11 month rebate until I pointed out I was still within the 14 day cooling off period. He put me on hold to speak to his supervisor, when he came back on he offered a £49 refund which was not too far off the saving I would make by cancelling so I accepted the rebate and stayed with my existing insurer.
  14. I hope the call wasn't being recorded for training purposes
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