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  1. Well the glass is not available separately so I guess you can form your own opinion on coverage. btw the glass in a hardtop is available separately but that probably would not be covered unless the hardtop was supplied with the car when new.
  2. They think it's all over .... it is now ;)

  3. hi it was good to meet you and ed at the ace on monday (assuming i have the right person) hope you are both well. are you still going to goodwood on sunday. james

  4. I think you are been given a hard time in the UK as in the US the standard waranty period is four years, none of the 2 years plus you can buy one more year from the dealer: http://www.porsche.com/usa/accessoriesands...arrantyperiods/ I have suffered the UK dealers and the push for more money (I am a Brit) so I can relate to the problem.
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