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  1. Just suck up the damage as it happens and spend the same on a quality 4 wheel refurb @3yrs (if needed)? Power is in your hands then, with respect to who you choose and the $$ stays in your hands in the meantime.
  2. I'm glad we have a how-to on how to remove four screws 😄. But seriously, looks smart. You can order the clips as a seperate part, too.
  3. Is it worth your time? Chalk it up to experience?
  4. I just renewed with the RAC (car). Beat the renewal down to £95, all of the options, homestart etc, and got it up to 15 months from 12.
  5. I thought you could code this in PIWIS\Durametric? 🤔
  6. Skidd

    987.1 key upgrade

    @Simon. Where did you find 'Matt" from? Slightly dubious about sending someone a key to my car, and a postal address for obvious reasons.... Is your car still in your posession? 🤐
  7. Might want to keep some liquidity for a while, for other expenses, and just continue paying the monthly payment on the car until things become more clear. Best of luck, I've dodged a bullet a few times now. Not nice at all.
  8. Back-to-back PDK\Manual Gen 2 drives at the weekend. Definitely another manual next :).

  9. What's the score with for sale threads mysteriously dissapearing?

    1. Wish


      Whats missing then ?

  10. Been to busy to sell the Car, might have to start in earnest next week...

  11. Hello from Shanghai ^^

  12. Hello from Shanghai ^^

    1. r1flyguy


      On my way there tomorrow, 18th June, you still there?

    2. Skidd


      Nah, back now - enjoy the rain!! ;)

  13. Car put away, off to China, see you in a few :).

  14. Cleaned the car...and went for a 40mile countryside blast to dry the brakes off :D

  15. Car is cleaned & waxed, off to central London for a Wedding :).

  16. Manflu :(

    1. Skidd
    2. Nikkie


      Post snowboarding stress induced?

    3. Skidd


      Post-snotty wife induced :)

  17. We should get some BoXa pint glasses to go with the mugs :)

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